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*NEW* Our Zipline & Adventure Tour Include FREE PHOTOS!

Our team of experienced Guides will capture your Zipline and Adventure Experience while you are on the course. Provide us with your email address and we will send you all the photos taken while on your adventure! Each participant that wishes to receive photos must provide a valid email address.

Physical Requirements:

All tours require a moderate amount of physical exertion. You should be able to climb normal stairs up towers, and walk a short distance on unpaved trails and have average balance capabilities. Each participant must be physically able to control the speed of their travel along the zip lines by grasping the cable with leather gloves. Participants must also be able to pull themselves along the zip cable several feet in the event they lose their momentum before reaching any given platform. You must have full range of motion and use of both of your upper and lower extremities. Please feel free to call us if you are not sure.

This is not recommended for those with moderate to severe respiratory problems, heart problems, severe to moderate musculoskeletal problems, back problems or those who are in their mid to last trimester of pregnancy. We do not do tandem rides at all. No, we do not let pets on the zip line canopy tour!

Right of Refusal:

Please note that we will not allow anyone onto the TOURS who has been consuming alcohol or drugs that can impair physical and or mental capabilities. This is for your safety as well as the group’s and staff’s safety. If we believe you are or have been under the influence, we WILL NOT allow you onto the course. If this happens, you will still be responsible for charges for your reserved canopy tour slot(s).

** Please note and understand that our staff and management have the right to refuse anyone participation rights if they do not meet the above requirements or if it is deemed unsafe for them or anyone else in the group. Staff has the final say on participation.**

Clothing and Attire:

Do NOT wear sandals, flip flops, five fingered shoes, open toed shoes, or shoes with no backs of any kind! We can’t let you on the tour if you do not wear the appropriate shoes!   You will not be allowed to go on the course and there is no refund for not having the right shoes on!   You may wear shorts but short shorts are not recommended due to the gear you will need to put on. If you have anything loose, leave it in your vehicle or have a zip or velcro type pocket or “fanny pack”. If you bring a camera, make sure it has a wrist or neck strap attached. If you lose something at 200 ft in the air, you are most likely not going to get it back!   We are here most everyday and welcome you to contact us at (706) 265-1233 or send an email when you are ready to plan your weekend getaway, group event, family adventure vacation or corporate retreat. We are open year round!

Booking and Cancellation Policy:

We do not allow coupons to be used in combination. The maximum discount amounts will be no more than 10%.

To ensure a quality experience, tours are offered by reservation only.

When you book a tour, we schedule Guides and other support staff to be available to make your Tree Flight adventure as wonderful as possible.

The full amount is charged onto the card at the time of booking. We have a 7-day cancellation policy.  

Cancellation OUTSIDE of the 7-day policy: 

If a guest requests to cancel outside the 7-day policy, we will refund the entire amount back to the card on file MINUS the $20 processing fee. 

Cancellation INSIDE the 7-day policy: 

If a guest requests to cancel within the 7-day policy charges will apply. 

*Activities: 50% of activity total. 

*Any remaining amount will be refunded to the card on file after a $20 processing fee has been applied. 


We now offer a “gift card compensation.”  

This must be done within the 7-days before scheduled reservation. (*NOT an option for the day of.) 

Guests will still pay the “transfer” fees.  $5 per person per activity, will be taken out of the total amount originally paid. The remaining amount on the account will be put on a gift card and emailed to the guest. Guests can rebook online or call reservations when ready. 

*Gift card amounts are good for 5 years. Rescheduling is the responsibility of the guests. The course will not call to remind. Gift cards are non refundable.

Sometimes, our guests decide that the course is a bit too much for them to attempt. Please understand that even though a guest decides to not go out on the course, they took up a slot for another paying guest. We understand that a guest that decides not to go on the tour or wants to come back after starting the tour feels they should not have to pay for a tour not completed. However, the charge is to cover scheduled guide expenses. We will only charge the guest the Level 1 tour if they are unable to do the tours. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


We will not run tours in thunder storms, high winds, or lightening less than 3 miles away. It is important to remember that foul weather in your area does not necessarily mean foul weather at Amicalola Ziplines. Please call first if you have concerns about the weather. We will call only if we are certain your tour will not run. In some cases, tours may be postponed to allow for some weather systems to pass. Sometimes tours might end up being on hold from 45 to 60 minutes due to weather pop ups. When you are planning a tour with us, please take this into consideration. If we do not call you, the tour is still “a go”. If you do not show up, that will be considered a no show and the cancellation policy will be in effect.

Please be at Amicalola Ziplines at least 30 minutes before your scheduled event. We do try to leave as promptly as possible and if you are very late, you may miss your tour time. We cannot guarantee you a place on the next tour. If you miss your tour time, there will be no refund given. Please understand that we DO NOT guarantee that you will go out promptly at your scheduled time.

We have no control over weather pop- ups or how any guest will react to the course. Some guests will take longer than others and so extend the estimated course time that they are out. Make sure you TAKE THIS into consideration as you plan your tour with us. Please be patient, especially with others in your group, because you are going to be glad you did! ARE YOU READY?!!  All tour times are estimates. Times may be shorter or longer depending on the number of guests on the tour, physical abilities and fear factor. Tour times do include gear up and safety briefings as well as your zip lines and tree walks per tour chosen.

Thank you for your understanding!

Banning Mills is a non profit conservancy center. Proceeds of the zip line canopy tours are used to help subsidize our educational, leadership and conservancy programs. Because of budget constraints, these tours will keep our outdoor education experiences affordable to schools and youth organizations.

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